How do you style Bell Bottom Outfits with Trendy Crop Tops?

How do you style Bell Bottom Outfits with Trendy Crop Tops?

We frequently find ourselves in doubt when we have a closet full of clothes.

Stepping outside isn't difficult, but finding the right attire is!

We all have various wardrobe options, ranging from jumpers to puffer jackets to palazzos or skinny-cut high-waisted trousers. When you have many options, styling bell-bottom outfits with trendy crop tops might be difficult. So, don't worry!! Today, we will update you with the styling tips to embrace your bell-bottom outfit with a trendy crop top.

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Mastering the Art of Styling Bell Bottoms with Trendy Crop Tops

Styling bell-bottom outfits with a trendy crop top can create a chic and retro-inspired look. Here are some tips to rock this fashionable combination:

  • Balance Proportions

Bell bottoms are known for their wide silhouette, so balance the look by opting for a fitted or cropped crop top. This creates a flattering contrast and highlights your waist.

  • Play with Prints and Colors

You can go for mix-and-match patterns or go for complementary colors. A printed crop top can add a fun element to solid-colored bell bottoms or vice versa.

  • Tuck It In

Tuck your crop top into the high waist of the bell bottom pants outfit to accentuate your curves. This styling trick also elongates your legs.

  • Accessorize Wisely

Add accessories like a wide-brimmed hat, statement belt, or layered necklaces to enhance the bohemian vibe of the bell-bottoms and crop top ensemble.

  • Choose the Right Length

The length of the crop top matters. Aim for a length that complements the rise of your bell bottoms – not too short to create an awkward gap, but not too long to hide the high waist.

  • Experiment with Sleeve Styles

Play around with different sleeve styles on your crop top. Off-the-shoulder, halter neck, or balloon sleeves can add unique touches to the look.

  • Footwear Matters

Bell bottoms often look great with heels to elongate the legs. Consider platform heels, wedges, or heeled boots to enhance the retro vibe.

  • Layer with a Jacket or Vest

Depending on the weather, layering with a denim jacket, boho vest, or lightweight cardigan can add texture and style to your bell bottom pants outfit. 

  • Add a Hat or Headscarf

Embrace the '70s aesthetic by topping off your outfit with a floppy hat or a headscarf. This adds a touch of bohemian flair to the ensemble.

  • Mix Textures

Combine different textures to add visual interest. For example, pair a lace or crochet crop top with denim bell bottoms for a boho-chic look.

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